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AMP is the best and affordable software to manage your clothing business (wholesale/manufacture).

Customer Management

Customer information is easily accessible and sortable using the intuitive table layout of the customer list. The detail view for individual customers allows quick and efficient management of a customer's personal information, invoices, and purchase history.

Style Management

AMP features customizable lists for size, color, category, and season that can be used when creating styles. The style master enables complete control over the inventory and provides a summary of stocked items as well as the history of a style in different stages of the sales process. Images corresponding to each style can be uploaded and viewed as well.

Sales Management

AMP provides a thorough management of the sales record and order entry, offering sales order conversion to invoice as well as accurate tracking of payments and RMAs to ensure smooth transactions. It offers the flexibility to combine multiple sales orders into a single invoice. Backorders and invoices can be viewed by customer or style for a quick overview of the information needed.

Analysis Reports

AMP offers a complete reporting utility to keep track of all aspects of your business. The reporting menu features many options for customizing reports to specific information that can be printed out. Each category available in the reporting menu can be narrowed down further by different criteria and viewed in a detailed or summarized format if applicable.

Choose from different levels to fit your business needs: Lite, Standard, Professional and Enterprise.

AMP7 Lite

AMP7 Lite is our compact version with just enough features to get a small business running. It manages customer-related information, styles, invoices, and account receivables with shipping cost calculation using UPS integration.

AMP7 Standard

Standard version is our next level of AMP software that includes all functions of AMP Lite. In addition to features of AMP Lite, it manages sales orders, backorders, RMAs and picking lists. It also includes a reporting tool to create reports for each particular requisite.

AMP7 Professional

Professional version builds upon the Standard version and includes more features that are geared towards businesses that require import management. AMP Professional includes vendor list, import purchase order, and import purchase receiving management. Professional also keeps track of sales commission for each salesperson.

  AMP7 User Friendly Environment

OS - Windows Base (XP, 2003 Server, Vista, 2008 Server, Windows 7)

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